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Today's introduction is the history and birth of Iron Man of MARVEL.

  Marvel Iron man / It is a superhero that made the MARVEL studio possible to be born today, and Iron Man is loved by many people and is an attractive character. The Birth of Iron Man Stan was inspired by an existential person and created Iron Man. Stan was making cartoons for teenagers at that time. Stan Lee had an essential clear understanding of what stories teenagers like, such as Fantastic 4 and Spider-Man, who are realistically empathetic heroes and heroes who created myths like Thor. Suddenly, Stanley thought that the characters that teenagers liked had realistic weaknesses, and eventually decided to make a hero without weakness. There is one more story. There is a game that most people who have read Stanley's comic books enjoy. The game is to play casino games online using 바카라사이트 . Most people who like comic books like to play games. Stan Lee suddenly fell into a dilemma to create a hero who had no weakness, and there was a real person w

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